Nyame Akuma Issue 85 Table of Contents

CONTENTS (#85, June 2016)



El- Mirabiet Excavation in El-Ga'ab Depression, Western Dongola Reach, Sudan.

Abdelrahman Ibrahim Said and Yahia Fadl Tahir

New Discoveries of Mesolithic Sites in Gazira Reach (Central Sudan)

Mohammed Alfatih Hayati


Archaeological Survey and Test Excavations, Harlaa, Dire Dawa, and Sofi, Harari Regional State, Ethiopia, August 2015. A Preliminary Fieldwork Report

Timothy Insoll, Rachel MacLean and Blade Engda


Archaeological survey and landscape history at Gede, Kenya

Wolfgang Alders

Comoros Islands

Ironi Be (Dembeni, Mayotte) Rapport De Mission 2015.

Stéphane Pradines, Hélène Renel, Danael Veyssier et Bing Zhao


The Quirimbas Islands Project (Cabo Delgado, Mozambique): Report of the 2015 Campaign.

Jorge de Torres Rodríguez, Marisa Ruiz-Gálvez Priego, Víctor Manuel Fernández Martínez, Hilário Madiquida and Cezar Mahumane


Tracking the Cowrie Shell: Excavations in the Maldives, 2016.

Anne Haour, Annalisa Christie, and Shiura Jaufar


The Diallowali Site Complex: A Late Stone Age Occupation along the Middle Senegal Valley.

Peter Coutros


Report on 2012/2013 Preliminary Archaeological Survey of Hambuikong in Komaland, Northern Ghana.

Siaw Appiah-Adu


Potsherd Pavements in Ope-Odu, Ibadan: Autochthonous or Migrant Phenomenon?                 

E.A. Orijemie and J.M.I. Ogiogwa

Cultural Heritage Preservation Through the Preventive Conservation Methods in the National Museum in Lagos.

Michael Abiodun Oyinloye


A Brief Introduction to Archaeological Predictive Modelling in Central Cameroon.

Yannick Fouda

Equatorial Guinea

A New Approach to the Middle Stone Age from Continental Equatorial Guinea: A Preliminary Fieldwork Report.

Alejandro Terrazas and Antonio Rosas