Society of Africanist Archaeologists 

Society for American Archaeology/African Studies Association
Symposium Committee

In order to build greater knowledge of African Archaeology within the broader archaeological and Africanist communities, SAfA is committed to promoting a more visible presence at the annual meetings of the Society for American Archaeology and the African Studies Association. To meet this end, the SAA/ASA Symposium Committee was established in 2006 to assist in organizing and promoting SAfA sponsored sessions at the annual SAA and ASA meetings.

The committee is charged with soliciting proposals and selected a maximum of two proposals per meeting for identification as SAfA-sponsored sessions. Selection will be based on the potential of each session:

  • to contribute new insights into the African past
  • to be published as an edited volume
  • to draw a diverse audience of non-Africanists / non-archaeologists.

In order to elicit broad interest in SAfA-sponsored sessions, we require the inclusion of prominent non-Africanists (SAA) or non-archaeologists (ASA) as participants in some capacity, normally as session discussants.

For proposals to be considered for SAfA sponsorship at either the SAA or ASA annual meetings, proposals must be received by the Committee Chair two months in advance of the submission deadline which is posted on the respective meeting’s website. Check the SAA and ASA websites annually for these dates. Please contact the Committee Chair directly if you have any questions regarding potential session submissions for either professional meeting, or the process of submitting your proposal for consideration.

Committee Members:

  • J. Cameron Monroe, Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz

Society Representatives:
  • John W. Arthur, Anthropology, University of South Florida
  • Catherine D'Andrea, Archaeology, Simon Fraser University
  • Paul Lane, Archaeology, York University
  • Briana Pobiner, Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History

All correspondences and submissions should be directed to the chair electronically at the following address: