CONTENTS (#55, June 2001)
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Editorial ____________________________________________________________________

Pottery from the White Paintings Rock Shelter, Tsodilo Hills, Botswana
      L. A. Murphy, M. L. Murphy, L. H. Robbins and A. C. Campbell______________________

New research on the prehistory of the escarpment in Kharga Oasis, Egypt
      Alicia L. Hawkins, J. R. Smith, R. Giegengack, M. M. A. McDonald, M. R. Kleindienst,
      H. P. Schwarcz, C. S. Churcher, M. F. Wiseman and K. Nicoll

IUO/BU Joint archaeological expedition at Bieta Giyorghis (Aksum, Ethiopia): 2000 field season
      Rodolfo Fattovich, Andrea Manzo, Michael C. DiBlasi and A. Catherine D’Andrea_______

The Aksum long blades: A Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene (Mode 4) Industry from
      Northern Ethiopia

      Neil Finneran______________________________________________________________

Recent archaeological research on Gambian Iron Age habitation
      Amy Lawson_______________________________________________________________

An investigation of the Kintampo "Neolithic" complex at Nkukua Buoho near Kumasi, Ghana
      Francis Korkor____________________________________________________________

New evidence of proto-urban settlements in the Lake Chad area
      Carlos Magnavita and Sonja Magnavita________________________________________

South Africa
Bundu Farm: A Middle and Later Stone Age pan site, Northern Cape, South Africa.
      Preliminary results of fieldwork 1998-2000

      Philip Kiberd______________________________________________________________

SAfA Conference News
First call for papers, 16th biennial conference, SAfA, University of Arizona,
      Tucson, Arizona, 18-21 May, 2002