CONTENTS (#79, June 2013) 

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Limits of Ancient DNA Extraction from Teeth: The Case of Sudanese Nubia.   
    Vincent Francigny, Hege Hollund, Alex de Voogt, Eveline Altena, Peter de Knijff and Camille Fallet

    Oula Seitsonen, Vesa Laulumaa and Martti Koponen

The KongoKing Project: 2012 Fieldwork Report from the LowerCongo Province (DRC). 
    Bernard Clist, Pierre de Maret, Gilles-Maurice de Schryver, Mandela Kaumba, Igor Matonda, Els Cranshof and Koen Bostoen
    Els Cornelissen, Octave Ebosso Lihunzu , and Clément Mambu Nsangathi

Shaping Rural Spaces: A Construction of Abak Architectural Ethnography. 
    Samuel Oluwole Ogundele and Esther Daniel Umoh