CONTENTS (#78, December 2012) 

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Updated provenance information for 7 LSA sites from the Central Rift Valley, Kenya  
    Alex Wilshaw

Excavations at DGB-1 and DGB-2, Cameroon - December 2010-January 2011  
    Scott MacEachern, Jean-Marie Datouang Djoussou, and Rebecca Janson

Epigones of the Levallois Tradition in the Middle Nile Valley: the First Season of a New Prehistoric Project in Affad, Northern Sudan  
    Marta Osypinska and Piotr Osypinski 

South Sudan 
BIEA Archaeological Surverys in the Juba-Nimule Nile Region of South Sudan 2009  
    Matthew Davies 

Archaeological and Ethno-Historial Investigations in Mursiland, S. W. Ethiopia: Second Interim Report 
    Marcus Brittain and Timothy Clack

Guyo and huyo: science proves the stone tools used in liberating gold fines from waste in Nyanga district, Zimbabwe  
    Ann Kritzinger