CONTENTS (#76, December 2011)

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Archaeological Investigations at Songo Mnara, Tanzania, 2011  
    Stephanie Wynne-Jones and Jeffrey Fleisher 

Field Report: Archaeological Survey of Songo Mnara Island  
    Jack Stoetzel 

Newly Discovered Archaeological Sites from Feresmay Area (Tigray, Ethiopia)  
    Hiluf Berhe 

Survey Along the Niger River Valley at the Benin-Niger Border, Winter 2011  
    Anne Haour, Oumarou Banni Guene, Olivier Gosselain, Alexandre Livingstone Smith and Didier N'Dah 

Archaeological Investigation at Ile-Ife, Southwest Nigeria: A Preliminary Report on the 2010 Test Excavations  
    Abidemi Babatunde Babalola 

Holocene Occupation of the Mount Porr Strand Plain in Southern Lake Turkana, Kenya  
    David K. Wright and Steven L. Forman