Proceedings of the 18th Biennial Meeting of the Society of Africanist Archaeologists

Introductory Note

Since the inception of SAfA’s ancestor in 1971, the dissemination of information and results within and beyond a continent characterized by poverty and lack of industrial infrastructure has been an ongoing concern. Nyame Akuma, formerly a newsletter and now a bulletin, was for long our primary means of contact, sent free to African members and institutions who could not afford it. For similar reasons, rather than publishing conference proceedings, the society established close relations with scholarly journals of continental scope, the African Archaeological Review (AAR) and more recently the Journal of African Archaeology andAfrique: Art et Archéologie, encouraging members to publish in them extended versions of their conference papers and other research.

The society has been quick to seize new opportunities offered by the spread, including within Africa, of computers and Internet access. Nyame Akuma is now preferentially distributed via the Web, and early in our conference planning it was decided to publish the SAfA 2006 conference proceedings in the same manner: downloadable from the Internet via the SAfA web site and, for those lacking broadband connectivity, in the form of a CD-ROM, far cheaper to distribute than hardcopy. In a discipline as dependent upon visualization as archaeology, this strategy has the further benefit that it allows the inclusion of a far greater number of illustrations, which can be in color.[1]

This compilation of extended abstracts, papers, posters, all in PDF format, and PowerPoint presentations (in password protected Read Only format) represents the results of this initiative. The compiler has placed the DOC and RTF files submitted under the same template but has not edited them for content. Neither has he edited PPT presentations, although he has used Powershrink 2.1 ( to reduce the size of some contributions.

Several PowerPoint presentations are accompanied by Notes and are best viewed in Normal View with the Notes appearing in the pane below the slide. (If necessary click on “Normal (Restore Panes)” in the View Menu.)  Where slides contain animations, these must be viewed in “Slide Show” view; toggling back and forth between views may be necessary.

It should be noted that not all who presented in Calgary have submitted their contributions. Extended versions of papers and some symposia will continue to be published in journals associated with the society and elsewhere. The abstracts (web ref…) provide a full outline of the scientific contributions offered at the conference and we are pleased to be able to publish (as of the time of writing) a total of 65 contributions within four months of the end of the conference.

Nic David
SAfA 200l Program Chair and Compiler

Susan McIntosh